Nowadays Fashion in Diamonds

In today’s world of fashion, diamonds are equally appropriate for special-occasion sparkle and everyday razzle-dazzle. In fact, these versatile stones, in their myriad designs and colors, are the ideal complement to some of the season’s top trends. Use them to up the wattage on every facet of your personal style.

Special Effects

This fall, top designers used lots of layering and mixing to achieve cool, eclectic runway looks that telegraphed signature style. You can do the same with your diamond accessories. Build depth and sparkle by layering bracelets; create a sophisticated visual story with contrasting stone colors and cuts. Playing with shapes offers a timely and welcome departure from the traditional look of fine jewelry.

High-Low to Go

High-low fashion – mixing high-end pieces with everyday favorites – has been de rigueur among the fashion-initiated for several seasons now. It’s a trend that’s particularly welcome for travelers. For any warm weather getaway, the essential items you’ll pack—basic tees, jeans, sandals —will likely be versatile classics. How to make them feel truly special? A touch of diamonds. A simple cuff, studs, or pendant will add a bit of resort chic to even the most utilitarian of travel ensembles.